A downloadable game for Windows


Shoot gun with right click to knock back enemies!

Arm attacks towards mouse!


left click- Demon arm attack

Right click- Knockback revolver

wasd- Movement, and regaining control in the frenzy

Symbiote is an action packed arcade game where you will battle with your corrupted arm for power over your body. Time your attacks right, and the arm will attack for you, destroying your enemies, and increasing your score multiplier, but time it wrong and the arm will turn on you and attack you, the player. 

The arm feeds on death, so killing enemies will fill up its' strength meter.  The stronger the arm is, the longer reach it has, but the more likely it is that the arm will turn on you. (the time window for you to succeed your attacks is smaller).

When the meter is filled all the way up, it will send the arm into a killing frenzy where it pounds the ground around you killing everything in sight. You need to put in a key combination in order to regain control, before its too late, and the arm ends up killing you completely. 

Updated 24 days ago
Published 26 days ago
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, Aliens, Arcade, combos, Score Attack, Western


Symbiote.zip 29 MB


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I loved the game! it´s really fun, specially when your arm goes out of control

Thanks a lot and thanks for playing! That's my favorite part too ;P